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Heart, Beauty & Wit

Support Bianca Lorena Tirsin – Miss Universe Romania

Volunteer of the year, advocate for the improvement of the educational system in Romania, ambassador for charities and hospitals, motorcycle enthusiast, and a truly beautiful soul in every way – our Miss Bianca Tirsin.


A Wonderwoman

Bianca Tirsin is only 22, but she already has an impressive resume – she started her own business at the age of 16, volunteered on a huge number of community support projects & advocated for great causes.

All the while, she has remained a successful business administration student, and a dedicated friend and daughter. 

In 5 years, Bianca won 2 international beauty pageant titles and made history for Romania.


Be the Change

They say Aquarians are the most socially conscious people in the world, and that they are the voice of the people in times of need – this couldn’t be more accurate in the case of our Bianca, born on January 31st. 

This year, Bianca’s birthday wish was to build eco-friendly homes for the impoverished people in her home city, Arad.

She has always cared for the marginalized in society and has been making rounds of these communities for years, bringing gifts and care packages. That’s not even the most important thing – says Bianca – but the fact we recognize them as our equals, that we care about their feelings and we are aware of the conditions they are living in.

Bianca now wants to take it to the next level by putting a permanent roof over their heads. She believes that, unquestionably, everyone deserves a home!

Nurture the Future

Bianca has also been vocal on the topic of education, especially for little girls in Romania. She started the project ‘’Little Girls Will Change the Universe’’, establishing a platform for girls to express their opinion, attitude, and insight about the world – and be heard.

We all have the same 24 hours to spend in a day, but our Bianca seems to manage everything – go to classes & be a good student, prepare for the Miss Universe daily,  practice at the gym, volunteer, work on her own business, do photoshoots, represent Romania to the world, and be there for her family and closest circle of friends.

Being a ‘beauty queen’ truly seems marvelous, as if we were flawless all the time. We are not. We are also facing confidence issues, we have pimples, and sometimes we struggle to be heard, too. Doing a professional photoshoot is great and liberating, but representing your country is a 24/7 job – especially when your hair is messy, you have no make-up on, but still decide to go out there and do a good thing. And that’s all that’s required of any of us – to give 100% of ourselves, no matter the circumstances. If you are true to yourself, then even  ‘losing’ is a real win.