Carmina Cotfas, Miss Universe Romania 2021

My name is Olimpia Elena Carmina Cotfas, I am 20 years old and I was born and raised in Targu Mures. I grew up following my passions – I took piano and singing lessons as a child, then joined the volleyball team and played as a professional player in high school while also working as a model for the past 6 years!

Having experienced music, sports and modelling so far, after graduating high school, I went for the subject I loved the most – History.

I am a person that likes gaining and sharing knowledge and, somehow, this interest in research and seeking information made me apply for my first journalism job – at first holding my own podcast online and later hosting and editing my own radio shows and talks.

The medical topics I’ve discussed on the radio got me preoccupied about the actual access people in my country have to medical care, hygiene or to proper treatment.

That is why I wish to facilitate this access to everyone in need, by helping NGOs and other charitable organizations through the Miss Universe Romania platform gain the means necessary to expand their actions.

I believe in the power a beauty pageant representative has and I witnessed the good influence such a title can have from the previous titleholders. Therefore I aspire to bring further their legacy and to show further what Miss Universe is all about – confidently beautiful girls with big hearts and beautiful minds.


Yours truly,
Carmina Cotfas, Miss Universe Romania 2021

Bianca Tirsin,
Miss Universe Romania 2020

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