Finishing touches before the road! Our Confidently Beautiful, Miss Bianca Tirsin is in the spotlight this week, as she is staring on TV screens all over Romania.

Our proudly Romanian girl is having her 3rd media week as we speak while preparing for the 69th Miss Universe competition that is occurring in May. This week, Miss Bianca will be sharing the latest news of her preparations for the road to Miss Universe on multiple stages of her home country.

When and where will you be able to see her?

Monday, April 19th – Vorbeste Lumea, ProTV – 12:26 pm Romanian time

Tuesday, April 20th – Teo Show, Kanal D – 03:00 pm Romanian time

Wednesday, April 21st – Neatza Cu Razvan Si Dani, Antena 1 – 09:00 am Romanian time

Thursday, April 22nd – Dimineti Cu Georgia, Metropola TV – 09:00 am Romanian time

Friday, April 23rd – Star Matinal, Antena Stars – 10:40 am Romanian time

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