International Women’s Day. The day that has been observed ever since the early 1900s when women started standing up for their rights, and they haven’t stopped.

Miss Universe stands for leadership, impact, empowering, care, education, support. Miss Universe Romania 2020, Miss Bianca Tirsin shared her contributions to the world in light of International Women’s Day. She shared her story, her ideas, and her mission – for the future of girls from all over the world.

On this occasion, our Confidently Beautiful also shared who are the women leaders she looks up to, and why. Check out her newest video HERE!

International Women’s Day has already brought a lot of changes and shaped the world we live in today. But we have to continue making a change so we can ensure that the future of young girls is bright, safe, and rewarding.

So let’s not stop now. Let’s continue to inspire women and celebrate their achievements. Let’s make everyday International Women’s Day.

Let’s love and empower each other!