Miss Bianca started her journey through Romania and brought along all of her fans virtually!

For the 1st week of March, our Confidently Beautiful Miss Universe Romania, Miss Bianca Tirsin planned out something special for all of her fans from all over the world. She decided to pack her bags with positive energy and start a journey through our beautiful Romania!

Miss Bianca picked the most magical locations of her home country and decided to take you along on a virtual road trip!

Yesterday, on 3rd of March, Miss Bianca took over Miss Universe Romania Official Instagram page and shared with you the whole day on the trip. On this day, she visited three tourist attractions in Romania – Peles Castle, The Sphinx, and the Babele and Cantacuzino Castle. If you missed the takeover, don’t worry, you can find the whole day with Miss Bianca on our Instagram Highlights.

For the rest of the week, Miss Bianca will continue her journey with filming the best views of Romania and soon you will get the chance to see it all!

Until then, take care and stay safe!