The 1st week of March is here and so is Miss Bianca’s special surprise for you all – are you ready?

Since the fact that traveling is limited due to the global pandemic, Miss Bianca had an amazing idea. She decided to use the nice weather that’s currently in her home country, and take you all on a virtual road trip through Romania

A lot of you who are following her from all over the world maybe didn’t have the chance to visit and see Romania so far. So make this week count! Follow Miss Bianca’s tour on our official Miss Universe Romania Instagram account and check out the wonders of Romania!

On this occasion, Miss Bianca will also take over the official Miss Universe Romania Instagram account for one whole day! You will have the opportunity to join Miss Bianca on her tour and connect with her via our page on Wednesday, 03/03/2021. Are you ready for this?

Take care and stay safe!