Over time, the Miss Universe pageant has become a real voice of positive change in the world. This is why choosing a person to be the face of the Miss Universe is a serious decision and you need to be at your very best for the competition.

Moreover, when there’s a Miss Universe pageant in sight, you need to thoroughly prepare your race for the crown. As a queen, you need to get ready both physically and mentally. Not only that, but you also have to carefully pick your evening gown and other outfits. 

During the competition, queens are judged in several categories. Some of them are personal statement, evening gown, swimsuit, and personality interview. But, how do they prepare for each of these rounds? Let’s find out.

Physical preps

Since you are rated based on your appearance, you need to be in great shape. Many queens spend a lot of time in gyms or outdoors, trying to reach perfection. Each queen can choose a physical activity to focus on, but most combine cardio training like boxing, running, or dancing with another type of exercise. Some of the common choices are weights or strength training, martial arts, and yoga. Weeks before the competition you will probably find most of the contestants in the gym, working out intensely, and some of them even twice a day.

A big part of getting in shape also means having a healthy diet and eating a lot of fresh food. There must be some restrictions to eating sweets, unhealthy carbs, and fats. Drinking a lot of water is a must, for both the inner and outer glow. 

An important part of this pageant is the catwalk. Even though some of the contestants have modeling backgrounds, not everyone finds the runway easy to conquer. Sometimes they need to hire catwalk coaches or choreographers to train them for this portion of the Miss Universe pageants.

How can you mentally prepare?

As mentioned before, going through personal statements, questions and interviews also requires a lot of prep work. Some contestants take drama classes to help them with their verbal expression and boost their self-esteem. Others want to be more fluent when speaking English, so they frequent English courses or hire private tutors.

When answering questions, queens need to feel confident, have strong control of their minds, and a positive attitude. You need a clear mind for the final answer, and many contestants found great help in meditation and a good night’s sleep.

As bearers of change in the world, they need to be up to date with global events and changes. Reading books, newspapers, and magazines can help here. Even following certain social media accounts can be a great source of information.

Choosing outfits

Imagine going to a prestigious event where you have to pick the best possible outfit. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Well, choosing your outfit for the Miss Universe pageant is more stressful than most would think.

Before the global Miss Universe competition starts, the queens need to choose all the outfits they will be wearing. The most important decisions here are choosing and finalizing details for a national costume and the evening gown. As exciting as this task sounds, it can also be a real headache. All the contestants want to have the most beautiful and the most original costumes that will represent their country in the best possible way. Luckily, they usually have a team that can help them with this task.

Preparation Isn’t Easy

As you can see, being a queen is a challenging task. Not only do you need to be in shape physically but also mentally. The whole process of becoming a queen is stressful, and many find themselves so overwhelmed they want to quit. But pushing through is what pays off in the end. Why? Because you can really bring positive change in the world.

So, to sum up, if you want to participate in the Miss Universe, one of the most prestigious beauty competitions there are, there is a lot of work to be done. Preparing for an important event such as this can be daunting, but also very exciting. It requires a lot of sacrifices, but this pressure is also what transforms you into the shiniest diamond.