Have you ever wondered how Miss Universe contestants maintain such a natural-looking glow? You might think our queens are blessed with good genes. Or maybe they have access to a lot of expensive products. But the real secret is a consistent skincare routine

But is it all really as simple as it seems? Can you be as beautiful as our queens? Actually, you already are! Your beauty just needs maintenance. So, let’s see which steps you need to include in your skincare routine.

Is there a universal skincare routine?

We are all beautiful inside and out, but our outer beauty can’t last forever. However, there’s something you can do to help your skin stand the test of time – have a skincare routine that suits you. When it comes to skincare, there is one factor that greatly impacts your routine. Your skin type.

Is your skin sensitive, normal, or dry? Do you have an oily T-zone? These are the questions you need to answer before you consider the products you need in your skincare routine. Getting to know your skin better isn’t that difficult a task, but it could take some time. And you’ll soon realize that patience is key in all things skincare.

Once you find out your skin type, you can start looking for products that suit you best. Sometimes there will be a lot of trial and error, but once you find what fits you, it will be worth the while. 

Basic routine

Even though the universal skincare routine doesn’t exist, we can still give you some basic tips. How come? These tips apply to all and should be included in any beauty routine. Stick to these 3 simple steps daily, and you’ll notice results in no time. Not to mention, this basic routine is easy to build upon once you get the hang of it.

Always go for:


The first step is always to clean your face. You can use water and a cleansing product suitable for your skin type. If you have your makeup on, make sure to remove it before you wash your face. 

2. Moisturizing

The next step is to hydrate your skin. There are no good or bad moisturizers. Only the ones that match your skin.

3. Sunscreen

Wear it daily, even if it’s not sunny. It protects you from the negative effects of sun exposure, like skin cancer and premature skin aging. Honestly, sunscreen is the best investment you could possibly make.

How do our queens maintain their beauty?

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu has shared her beauty secrets. This gorgeous lady is not a big fan of using a lot of products. She prefers a natural look and doesn’t put on loads of makeup. Her skincare routine has only four steps and it’s amazingly similar to the basic routine we suggested. 

Her first step is cleaning. Harnaaz has dry and sensitive skin, so she doesn’t leave her house without applying her cleansing milk first. She applies it all over her face since it helps her skin stay hydrated and soft. You can also use a cleansing milk to remove impurities and makeup. 

After your face is totally clean, Harnaaz suggests applying a balancing toner next. She specifically recommends tapping it gently onto your face. Try not to rub it, since this can irritate your skin. And what do toners do, you wonder?  They help you hydrate and balance your skin and should definitely be included in your routine.

Did you know that not using enough moisturizer can cause your skin to dry out or even produce more sebum? That’s why it is very important to use a moisturizer daily. It nourishes your skin and works as a shield that protects your face from external factors. 

For Harnaaz, deep moisturization is important, almost as important as applying sunscreen. She considers sunscreen the holy grail of her skincare routine. After applying it, she feels protected not only from the sun but also from pollution. It is one of the easiest ways to protect your skin and ensure it looks flawless.

Here are some important things to keep in mind: 

  • It will take some time before you reap the benefits, but be consistent and the results will come
  • Less is more
  • Stay away from different sorts of “miracle serums”. Getting comfortable with the basic routine is the key before building upon it.

As Miss Harnaaz says, it takes just 10 minutes to get your skin hydrated and safe for the whole day. Everyone can invest those few minutes of their day to take care of their skin. And don’t let ads and billboards fool you because you don’t need to be a queen to have a royal skincare routine.